Civil Rights Privacy Act System of Records

The Privacy Act of 1974 protects certain federal government records pertaining to individuals. The Act covers systems of records that an agency maintains and retrieves by an individual's name or other personal identifier (e.g., social security number). A notice of any such system is published in the Federal Register. These notices identify the legal authority for collecting and storing the records, individuals about whom records will be collected, what kinds of information will be collected, and how the records will be used.

Office of Adjudication Systems

The Center for Civil Rights Enforcement is in the process of updating our notice. If you have any questions concerning this document, please contact the Center for Civil Rights Enforcement at 720-5212.

Government Wide Systems used regularly by the Office of Adjudication

Some Federal agencies have responsibility for one or more systems of records that are applicable Government-wide. This negates the need for the Center for Civil Rights Enforcement to publish a system notice if it maintains a record under a Government-wide system of records notice.