Electronic FOIA Reading Room (E-FOIA)

What is E-FOIA?

The Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) Amendments signed into law in 1996 amended the Freedom of Information Act, adding a requirement that agencies had to establish an electronic reading room. The reading room must include agency policy manuals, opinions made in the adjudication of cases, and an index of records released by FOIA that are likely to become the subject of subsequent FOIA requests.

In addition, E-FOIA:

  1. Extends from 10 to 20 business days (excluding holidays) the time agencies have to respond to requests for information
  2. Requires agencies to make reasonable efforts to make records available in the form desired by requesters
  3. Requires agencies to submit the USDA FOIA Report by the fiscal year
  4. Requires agencies to make the reports available to the public by computer telecommunications or other electronic means
  5. Requires agencies to list their major information systems record locator system and a reference guide or guide for obtaining information
  6. Requires that the provisions of the E-FOIA be implemented by specific dates

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