Program Adjudication Division (PAD)

Pursuant to 7 C.F.R. §2.25(13), the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights is responsible for making final determinations on program complaints of discrimination. The Program Adjudication Division is responsible for writing the determinations of discrimination complaints involving programs or activities conducted or assisted by the USDA. This division conducts a factual and legal analysis to determine whether discrimination occurred on the basis of one or more of the protected classes.

What We Do

National Civil Rights Museum Gallery image of black workers wearing 'I Am A Man' signs at the 1968 Memphis sanitation strikeIf discrimination is found, the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights will order corrective actions as appropriate within the Final Agency Decisions. If no discrimination is found, the complaint is closed. In either case, a copy of the determination will be mailed to all interested parties.

Final Agency Decisions are final unless the complaint involves an allegation of disability discrimination. If a complaint alleges discrimination based on disability, the complainant may appeal the Final Agency Decision to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights within 90 days of receipt of the Final Agency Decision. Appeal procedures only apply to complaints alleging discrimination based on disability.