Training Division (TD)

The Training Division is a key component of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. 


Dr. Gladys Gary Vaughn, PhD

Gladys Gary Vaughn, Ph.D.

Chief, Training Division

Gladys Gary Vaughn is Chief of the Training Division.  She joined the Federal Service in May 1998 as National Program Leader for Human Sciences Research in the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (now National Institute for Food and Agriculture). More …

Who We Are

Training Division at a glance…

Five people, dressed in their ethnic attire, performing a dance routine on stage.The Training Division has been a principal component of OASCR since October 2009. The Division is located within OASCR’s Office of Compliance, Policy and Training and is led by Gladys Gary Vaughn, PhD. (Link to Bio) The division’s work is based on ten core values, and enduring basic principles upon which high performance, excellence, effectiveness and success rests. These include fairness, teamwork, transparency, integrity, respect, trust, diversity, communication, accountability, and ethical Behavior.

What We Do

Our training is designed to ensure USDA employees provide effective, transparent and professional service and assistance to all constituents.  This facilitates:

  • A better informed, trained, and more compassionate USDA employee, which supports superior service to our constituents.
  • An organization where fewer complaints will be received from constituents because employees will interact with all constituents in a civil manner, with respect and dignity.
  • An overall better employee that (a) feels there is equity of opportunity in professional development to reach his/her full potential; (b) is highly engaged, motivated and empowered to succeed; and (c) is trained on USDA's programs, policies, regulations and civil rights laws and policies.  Consequently, an employee who:
    • Assumes responsibility for their own behavior;
    • Understands the need to build trust among other employees and to act in a like manner;
    • Ultimately, a high performing staff providing constituents improved access to USDA and improved service are the expected results.
Plan of Work

The Division’s dynamic and evolving  5-year Plan of Work highlights six areas:  (1) training, continuous learning, and service, (2) art, culture, and environment, (3) communication, (4) employee development, recognition, and advancement, (5) branding/marketing; image and integrity, (6) expanding horizons about the interface between civil, human rights, and agriculture.

Through the training dimension, the Division conducts a planned and coordinated program of instruction focusing on employee rights, job responsibilities, and professional development.  The cultural transformation dimension emphases improving communications and processes that lead to employee attitudinal and behavioral change. Together, training and cultural transformation activities are intended to improve individual and organizational performance and assist in achieving the OASCR’s mission and performance goals.

How We Can Help

A USDA/OASCR employee working at her deskLocation

The Training Division is located at:
355 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20024